Our Team

Foundation Staff

Those of us who work here are passionate and enthusiastic about our cause. Under the guidance of our President & CEO, Bram Freedman, our dedicated team of professionals work to provide the hospital with the funds needed to continue offering outstanding medical care.

Bram Freedman Bram Freedman
President and Chief Executive Officer
514-340-8222, x 28668

Sarah Attias Sarah Attias
Coordinator, Events
514-240-7132 cell

Sara Baron-Goodman Sara Baron-Goodman
Digital Marketing Specialist

Adriana Barrera Adriana Barrera
Accounting Technician
438-874 1905 cell

Moshe Ben-Shach Moshe Ben-Shach
Vice-President, Operations and Finance
514-340-8222, x 24051
514-865-6276 cell

17-1211_Myer_Bick_6.jpg Myer Bick
President Emeritus
514-340-8222, x 23252

Céline Bastien Céline Bastien
Manager, Executive Office and Operations
514-340-8222, x 24305

Stephanie BenabouStephanie Benabou
Executive Assistant, Development
514-340-8222, x 24306

17-1211_Danyael_Cantor_2.jpg Danyael Cantor
Director, Development
514-340-8222, x 28844

Leigh Charles Leigh Charles
Office and Data Assistant

Ali-Reza Chattoo Ali-Reza Chattoo
Senior Officer, Prospect Research and Pipeline Administration
T: 514-340-8222

Samantha Ciaravino Samantha Ciaravino
Executive Assistant to the Vice-President
514-340-8222, x 24689

18-1621_Denis_Coderre_1.jpg Denis Coderre
514-340-8222, x 23322

17-1211_Josie_D'Aguanno_6.jpg Josie D'Aguanno
Financial Management Officer
514-340-8222, x 25405

17-1211_Adrianna_Di_Pardo_4.jpg Adrianna Di Pardo
Director, Donor Recognition
514-340-8222, x 22549

17-1211_Betty_Elkaim_05 Betty Elkaim
Vice President and Chief Development Officer
514-340-8222, x 24055

17-1211_Tiffany_England_02.jpg Tiffany England
Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice-President
514-340-8222, x 25467

17-1211_Marie-Sandy_%C3%89tiennette_12.jpg Marie-Sandy Etiennette
Project Manager, Events
514-340-8222, x 22763

17-1211_Mary_Etzitian_04.jpg Mary Etzitian
Coordinator, Donor Relations
514-340-8222, x 23986

Yves Gabbay Yves Gabbay
Manager, Business Intelligence
T: 514-340-8222 x 24224

17-1211_Marie-Eve_Jalbert_4.jpg Marie-Ève Jalbert
Development Officer, Annual Giving Programs
514-340-8222, x 22027
On maternity leave

Katie_Kelly.jpg Katie Kelly
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives
514-340-8222, x 26072

Veronica Klein Veronica Klein
Director, Donor Relations and Gift Management
514-340-8222, x 22028

17-1211_Claude_Krynsky_1.jpg Claude Krynski
Director, Philanthropic Development
514-340-8222, x 25835

Richardson Joubert Richardson Joubert
Project Manager, Marketing and communications
Currently replacing Maude Lavigne on maternity leave
514-340-8222, x 23540

Cora Macdonald Cora Macdonald
Senior Communications Specialist
514-340-8222, x 24602

Valerie Manouk Valerie Manouk
Director, Annual Programs
514-340-8222, x 25726

Melissa_Margles.jpg Melissa Margles
Principal Director, Major Gifts and Planned Giving
514-340-8222, x 24057

Christina Massaro Christina Massaro
Gift Management Associate
514-340-8222, x 22548

coming_soon.jpg Solène Oustry
Administrative Assistant, Development
514-340-8222, x 22267

17-1211_Aakash_Patel_1.jpg Aakash Patel
Database Analyst and IT Specialist
514-340-8222, x 26077

Victoria Rosauri Victoria Rosauri
Gift Management Associate
514-340-8222, x 22678

17-1211_Stephanie_Roza_10.jpg Stephanie Roza
Manager, Volunteer Engagement
514-340-8222, x 22587

17-1211_Rana_Saheb_5.jpg Rana Saheb
Database Associate
514-340-8222, x 25889

Cenza Santamaria Cenza Santamaria
Gift Management Associate
514-340-8222, x 28251

Nadine Saumure Nadine Saumure
Principal Director, Primary Gifts
T: 514-340-8222

17-1211_Larry_Sidel_1.jpg Larry Sidel
Executive Vice-President
514-340-8222, x 21922

Andrea Szlamkowicz Andrea Szlamkowicz
Director, Community Engagement
514-340-8222, x 23069

18-1621_Steph_Steiner_1.jpg Steph Steiner
Coordinator, Events
514-340-8222, x 22070

17-1211_Editha_Villarama_7.jpg Editha Villarama
Data Manager, Finance
514-340-8222, x 23727