1934 Society

Your legacy is our future

Legacy giving is a wonderful way to provide vital support to a cause or an institution that is close to your heart and create a legacy that will make a meaningful difference today and in the future, while providing financial security for you and your loved ones.

Contrary to popular belief, planning to leave a legacy is important for everyone, not just the wealthy. Taking the time to create or update your will is always a good idea – no matter your age or your current financial situation.

You might not be in a position to make the kind of significant gift you would like to the JGH right now or during your lifetime, when the future remains uncertain and the overriding concern is to preserve and enhance your current standard of living. Leaving a legacy gift to the JGH Foundation as part of your overall financial, tax and estate plan—through your will, life insurance policy or various other means—gives you the opportunity to make such a gift and contribute to the health and well-being of your community even when you've passed away, thereby perpetuating your memory and giving additional meaning to your life.

Your legacy, whether big or small, will make a difference by helping all those who are in need of compassionate medical care; it will provide the Jewish General Hospital with vital funding for new medical equipment and technology, research, the recruitment and retention of first-rate healthcare professionals, the ongoing operation of innovative patient programs that help to improve and extend our lives, and many other areas that are essential to meet the growing healthcare needs of our community - today, tomorrow and forever. It will also set a wonderful example and send a beautiful message to those who follow you.

You may choose to have your legacy gift designated to the Hospital's areas of greatest need or you can designate your gift to a specific program, clinical initiative, research project or other area that is important to you. Your donation may be outright, providing funds for immediate use, or it may be planned for use in the future.

Consider creating your lasting legacy today!

The 1934 Society

The 1934 Society is the Foundation's way of thanking you and honouring your generosity and commitment towards ensuring continued excellence in healthcare, in your lifetime. A special 1934 Society Donor Wall beautifully displays the names of all those who have provided or who plan to provide a legacy gift to the JGH Foundation. Legacy donors are also recognized on the Foundation's website and in its publications, as well as being invited to special events during the year. Naturally, requests for anonymity will be respected.

For more information about the 1934 Society and making a legacy gift to the JGH Foundation, please contact Melissa Margles at 514-340-8222 extension 24057 or at melissa.margles.ccomtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca.